About Us

ADI Pharma Limited have been serving UK & International healthcare sector over the Years, with wide and diversified range of products. We have developed a longer lasting relationship with our suppliers and customers across Europe.
Adi Pharma is trusted distributor and wholesaler of pharmaceutical, medical consumable and healthcare products.

We do business with community pharmacies, Group pharmacy, GP surgeries, dispensing doctors, private surgery, specialty clinics and hospitals across UK.

We specialize in global supply to wholesalers, exporter, clinical trial providers, charities and NGOs.

We work very hard to deliver high service level with wide range of product availability, delivery accuracy, timeliness and reliability at competitive prices.

We work very closely with Manufacturers and Major pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers.

We provide innovative services, supply chain and sales & marketing solution that deliver outstanding results for healthcare companies and enable them to bring their product to market very quickly.

Our strength:

We credit our success to our business partners. Our strength is their trust.

  • Trusted network of supplier
  • Reliability and consistency in supply
  • Long established relationship with customers
  • Competitive prices
  • Greater sourcing capabilities
  • Efficient logistics
Our Vision:

Our vision is to become most trusted distributor in healthcare sector.

At Adi Pharma Ltd we strive for highest satisfaction by providing efficient, flexible and responsible services for all our business partners. We are achieving this through winning their trust.

Our values

Treat customers and suppliers as a business partners.

Trust is the basis of ever lasting relationship

There has to be a mutual benefit for both customer and supplier.

We always innovate and adapt to improve our services.

We are easy to do business with

We are passionate about bringing effective and innovative product to market.