We partner and work with innovative and effective brands that are passionate about making difference in people’s life. We help build brads and market & distribute to different market segment for partners ranging from start ups to existing multinationals. We offer market expertise and bespoke solutions to deliver great results.

We recognize that every brand is different in its requirement and approach to market, we understand the need of product and offer solution that will help achieve the desired success.

At Adi Pharma we provide tailored solution for supply chain to reach various trade channels such as healthcare sector, high street chain store, specialty product wholesaler & retailer, beauty and cosmetic clinic, Internet Retailer, Etc.

If you have a brand that you like to distribute in UK and Europe, we would love to hear from you.

Here you will find some of the brand that we exclusively distribute in UK & Ireland Market.

dr dabour

Dr Dabour

A deep understanding of the natural components that contribute to the biochemical and physiological processes of the skin, constitute an inexhaustible resource in the research, development and production of a series of specialty products for the protection, health and the youthful look of the skin.

All the grooming products that are compounded at Dr. Dabour’s Laboratories combine long standing traditions of using Galilean medicinal herbs with state of the art technology and know-how adapted for principally aimed treatment of body, face and hair.

Dr. Dabour’s Laboratories combine this tradition with the understanding of the physiological makeup of the skin and the biochemical changes that accelerate the ageing process and with new technology of Nano Spheres and Complex Liposomes for enhancing active ingredients.

ProZ92 image 3


ProZ92 is a Revolutionary product for the Treatment of Psoriasis which is 100% Natural and backed by clinical research with Medical claims for the Psoriasis treatment and awarded with 14 patents worldwide.

Dr Ziad Dabour and Said Moady are happy to announce the approval of our Pro Z92 by Germany ministry of health and the United Europe as Medical Device for; Soothing dryness, peeling and redness caused by different skin diseases and psoriasis symptoms.

Also approved by Israel and Romania as medical device for; soothing dryness, peeling and redness caused by different skin diseases.

Please visit website for more information at www.proz92.co.uk


vitacreme range


The first vitamin B12 based cosmetic cream launched on the market

Vitacreme B12 started its distribution activities in Switzerland and abroad in 1999.

The quality and effectiveness of our products, which is unanimously acknowledged, has allowed the VITACREME B12 brand to attain the success which it currently enjoys. Interest in the brand has continued to grow on the export market, particularly in Asian countries and especially in Japan, a country known for being one of the most difficult markets in the world, where the Regenerative Cream has become one of the most sold products.