Exclusive product distribution

We provide a comprehensive distribution service for new brands as well as multinational brand approaching newer market.

We mainly focus on product that are natural or backed by research or has a proven result.

We understand that it is very difficult to draw a judgement especially when the product is new to market and we would be happy to discuss the opportunity for distributing the product and how we can add value to brand.

Every brand needs a different approach and its vary from client to client. Some of key points are listed below for the service we offer for distributing brand exclusively.

  • Stocking and distributing product to UK market.
  • Advising client with managing and promoting brand through PR/Social media campaign.
  • Promoting product to trade promotion with yearly promotional calendar.
  • Managing advertising campaign through different medium such as print media, digital media and social media.
  • Producing print media material for brand promotion for retail outlet wholesale supplier.
  • Producing digital media material for web advertising and internet retail.
  • Appointing stocking for wide geographical and easy distribution of the product.